Awesome Flickr Gallery

Motivated by a friend, I’ve looked into the code a bit and made a few additions. A checkbox to discard the “View on Flickr” link in the slideshow and a checkbox for a type of flowting layout.

The later one is for a better layout on mobile devices. If the screen is wide enough, the number of selected columns are displayed on the screen, if the width of the screen is not wide enough (e.g. on tablets or other mobile devices), it will only display the nuber of columns which fit into the screen-width (at least one).

I already created a pull-request for the code changes to ronakg, so he might include my code changes in the future. For the meantime, if someone is interested, you could download the zip-file of the plugin here on the download and changelog page:

Download and ChangeLog

Examples for some Galleries could be found through Fotos->”Flickr Gallerie” etc.

And the original plugin could be found here: WordPress Plugin Directory

Would be nice if some others find my changes helpfull.

2 thoughts on “Awesome Flickr Gallery

    • Hallo richard,

      schön, das Dir meine Änderungen gefallen! Ich werde das wohl auch weiter verfolgen. Wenn Du noch Änderungswünsche hast, die Du gerne sehen würdest, habe ich – soweit sich das mit nicht allzu großem Aufwand realisieren läßt – auch ein offenes Ohr dafür! :-)

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